The Real Life Hot-or-Not Quiz: 50 Objective Tests to Rate Your Attractiveness

November 18, 2008

You’re gorgeous, you dress perfectly, you’re intelligent and you manage your money well, right? You could charm a horse into buying that apple, but you take that money and donate it to charity, correct? No?

What makes you attractive? Do you know whether it’s your looks, or is it how you manage to Feng Shui your apartment for ultimate peace and calm? The quizzes and tests listed below could help you to learn more about your attractiveness potential, no matter if it concerns your looks, your intelligence, your personality, your sex life and more.

The sites below are listed in alphabetical order under each category. Their standing in the list is not a comment on whether we value one site and its tests or quizzes over another site.

Your Looks

How you look is a trigger for many potential mates, and this includes how healthy you feel, how you dress, and whether you smell like cigarettes or perfume (or just natural!). The following tests look at beauty, both male and female, from many different angles:

  1. Astro-Beauty Quiz: According to the sponsor of this quiz, iVillage, your personal approach to beauty and style may be partially based on how the elements of fire, earth, air and water are configured in your birth chart. This is a fun quiz for any gender, any age.
  2. Beauty and Style Quizzes: Chatterbean currently offers four quizzes that are geared to men and women of any age. They focus on natural beauty, self-consciousness, the ‘hidden power’ of your wardrobe and one test to determine your “passion for fashion.”
  3. BellaOnline Quizzes: Although the tests are for using your brain, almost all of the tests currently listed have something to do with the body or with what you might know about current television shows. But, if you think you need to learn more about tattooing, Ugly Betty and the musical, Hairspray, then go for it!
  4. CosmoGirl: The front page of this online magazine contains updated quizzes that help teen girls cope with fashion, beauty and grooming.
  5. If you ever wondered which star matches your personal fashion style, or if you want to determine your skin type, then you’ll find these quizzes here and much more. The focus is mainly on fashion, but also has other quizzes on sex and love, health and wellness and fitness and nutrition.
  6. Fashion & Beauty Tests & Quizzes: Take fashion quizzes and tests that help you to determine whether you look older than your age, your style quotient, and grooming – for young men and women.
  7. Fitness: This online magazine focuses on health as beauty, and quizzes focus on skin types, healthy hair and tests for scents, make-up and the ideal beauty regimen for “glowing skin, healthy hair, and a gorgeous look.”
  8. The Beauty Test: This test is geared toward younger women, but the questions and answers may take older women back to when you were SO uncomfortable with your body. If you’d prefer not to go there, we understand!
  9. the fitmap: This site adds new beauty quizzes every week to provide readers with a comprehensive and fun way to teach them about beauty and skincare. If these quizzes bor you, you can try their other quizzes on exercise, dieting, fitness, health, lifestyle and nutrition.
  10. Your Beauty-Wellness Test: This test is based upon principles of health and beauty in the Chinese tradition, as it helps individuals to learn whether they are primarily yin, yang, or a balanced yin/yang in nature.

Your Personality

You can be as beautiful as the original Adam or Eve, but if your personality is disordered, your love life may be unsettled as well. A personality disorder is a set of traits that combine to negatively affect your life (and, often, the lives of others). But, on the whole, most personality disorders can be treated, although some are easier to treat than others. If you believe you may be suffering from a personality disorder or any other disorder, you should ask your family doctor to recommend a therapist in your area to meet with. Otherwise, you can enjoy these tests and have some fun as well – many of these tests are far from serious!

  1. Brainfall: If you want to understand how cheap you are, what kind of date you are, or even which Lord of the Rings character you might be, then this site will entertain you to no end. You can stray into some other featured quizzes here as well, including tests for love and relationships, lifestyles and IQ.
  2. Jung Typology Test: This test is based on Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typological approach to personality. When you answer all questions, the results will reveal the description of your personality type. You can also use the type formula and strength of the preferences to assess online compatibility with your mate in the Jung Marriage Test and Demo of the Marriage Test.
  3. Personality 100: This site contains every serious personality test you can dream up and more. Some familiar ones include the Enneagram, Jung, the facial personality test and the body type personality test. Others include the “famous leader” test and the cerebral personality test.
  4. Personality Disorder Test: This test, sponsored by, is not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool, but as a tool to give you insight into a potential disorder that may be having a negative impact on your life.
  5. Personality Quiz: Where else would you take a personality quiz other than a site that does nothing but personality quizzes? Learn about your personality profile, your inner traits, your love potential and much, much more at this site.
  6. Personality Tests: Are you a good or bad person? A loser or a winner? Maybe you’d like to take a music personality or travel personality test. This site contains all these tests and more specifically targeted to men or women, health tests, relationship tests and quizzes that will give you something to do for hours.
  7. QuizRocket: Although this site seems designed for younger men and women, the quizzes are fun and even silly in some cases – a great way to get to know a person if you take the quizzes together. Test personalities, love, relationships and IQ.
  8. Serious Tests: While the title of this site is serious, you can take them with a grain of salt if you like. Some of these tests are popular, such as the Keirsey Termperament Sorter and a test that’s similar to Myers-Briggs. Other tests, including the IQ tests and the Workingstiff Stress-o-Meter, might be more fun.
  9. The Big Five Personality Test: This test measures what many psychologists consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of personality. As you are rating yourself, you are encouraged to rate another person, as this comparison will give you a more accurate assessment of your traits.
  10. Tickle: Unlike many serious quiz sites, Tickle’s focus is on your funnybone. Learn more about your right brain, left brain, how you handle money, whether you’re a villain or not, or a possible vice-presidential candidate. Whether you learn more about yourself or not is not important – a person without a sense of humor, after all, is hardly attractive!

Your Intelligence

Many couples can tell you that they were drawn together by physical attributes, only to find out later that they were incompatible because one partner was smarter than the other partner. While love can cure most ills, one partner may begin to feel inadequate and the other partner may get frustrated if intelligence levels are not on keel. Take some of the tests below to learn what you can about yourself (and, maybe about your partner as well):

  1. 7 Types of Intelligence: So, which one is yours? Take this test to find where you stand in the scheme of intelligent test-takers.
  2. IQ Test Labs: Try this free PhD-certified IQ test to find out how you rank. This test will determine your IQ by evaluating nine distinct intellectual and mental abilities.
  3. Intelligence Test: Sometimes life isn’t about intelligence – it’s about common sense. Test your wit and brains with this short quiz.
  4. International High IQ Society: The International High IQ Society takes what’s best about the golden age of the intellectual salons—tolerance, moral engagement, and faith in the free play of ideas—and applies them to a contemporary setting. Take one of their tests to see if this is your intellectual style.
  5. Mensa Workout: Do you think your intelligence is among the best of the best? Try this Mensa workout, then, to see if you’re correct. If so, maybe you can join Mensa, as the only qualification for membership is a high IQ. That means only two percent of the world’s population would be considered as members (or, 100,000 Mensans in 100 countries throughout the world).
  6. MSN Encarta Quizzes: If you want to focus on something outside yourself, this site provides numerous quizzes that will test your intelligence on nature, television, arts, geography and even food. This site will boost your intelligence so you can go back and score higher at some of the other test sites!
  7. Queendom: This is the ‘land of tests,’ and most of them concern your intelligence. Think emotional intelligence, a needs test, a classical IQ test and a work style assessment. Once you know how smart you are, you can move on to relationship, health, attitude and career tests. Have fun!
  8. What’s Your EQ?:’s psychology section offers a serious quiz on the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. The final results may surprise you.
  9. YouThink: This entire site is about intelligence, emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence…you get the idea. Some of the tests are fun, some are serious. This is one of those sites that will eat up hours in your day if you’re not careful…
  10. Your IQ Test: Even OkCupid leans toward the thinking that a person’s attractiveness is more than skin deep. Take this IQ test to determine your best intelligence in one of four areas.

Your Love, Sex and Relationships

You may already know that you’re the best lover around, but does everyone else share your opinion? Find out about your love, sex and relationship potentials through the following tests and quizzes.

  1. AVERT’s HIV and AIDS Quizzes: No, this isn’t meant to be a downer – it’s just a series of quizzes to help you learn more about sex, pregnancy, HIV, AIDS and condoms.
  2. How Well Do You Know Your Partner?: The Gottman Institute, which applies leading-edge research on marriage in a practical, down-to-earth therapy and trains therapists committed to helping couples, offers this short quiz for individuals to help them learn more about their partners.
  3. Love Quiz: The Family Dynamics Institute, a nonprofit marriage and family ministry headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, provides this short quiz for you to mentally insert the name of your spouse or significant other (if you are not yet married). The results are based upon a numerical value, and you see the results as soon as you’re immediately done with the test.
  4. Love Quiz and Test: You can find free fun tests and quizzes at this site for you and your partner to take. At the end of each test, they provide an image and HTML code for you to show the results on your Web site, blog, or on your MySpace page.
  5. Marriage Quizzes: Are you married or engaged? Are you thinking about marriage? Learn more about the marrige counseling strategies that experts use as you take the many quizzes listed here.
  6. Relationship Quiz: Five easy questions to help you learn whether or not you’ve found your soulmate.
  7. Relationship Quizzes and Tests: What type of ex are you? Who wears the pants in your relationship? Are you being manipulated by your partner? Find answers to these questions and more at the FunQuizCards quiz site.
  8. Sexual Health Quiz: Discovery’s health site offers a 10-question fun sex quiz so you can test yourself on sex and intimacy. You might be surprised by what you know (or don’t know).
  9. The Original Internet Love Test: You can get three tests in one with this quiz for love. Answer forty questions, calculate your compatibility with your sweetie using numerology and astrological compatibility. Plus, learn the meaning of your names. This all should provide an hour or two of fun between two folks who are (they believe) in love!
  10. The Positive Way: This site’s goal is to help couples, “married or unmarried, single people looking for a relationship, and people wanting to improve their self-esteem and create more happiness in their lives.” You’ll find quizzes and tests on romance, communication, body langue and self development.

More Attractiveness Tests

The following tests and quizzes range from the “total package” deals where you can learn about intelligence, personality and physical attributes all at one site. Other quizzes focus more on money, happiness or the breadth of your cultural savvy. It’s up to you to decide what’s important to you, as this decision can help you learn about yourself as much as any quiz.

  1. Cultural Sensitivity Quiz: Are you a culturally competent adult? Find out with this short quiz. After all, you do want to broaden your horizons…that’s very attractive.
  2. Feng Shui Quiz: Don’t let this page’s ‘pinkness’ factor turn you off if you’re a male. This is a simple quiz that can help you learn whether Feng Shui can help make your abode – and you in the process – more attractive.
  3. Happiness Quiz: If you’re not happy, you won’t attract happy people (if that’s what you want). How do you know if you’re truly happy? Try this quiz to learn more about your happiness potential. Although the test is simplistic, you can learn more about what might make you happy at this site.
  4. Law of Attraction Quiz: This is just one of many online ‘law of attraction’ quizzes that will help you learn whether you’re attuned with the universe or not.
  5. NetDoctor: Test yourself on addictions, body image and self-esteem, depression, eating disorders and more. Try the tests at NetDoctor to find your answers.
  6. Postscript Relationship Quiz: Did you jump from one relationship into another? Emotional baggage isn’t attractive, but neither is a relationship based upon illusions. Take this test to find out where you stand.
  7. Savvy Spending Quiz: While some folks like big spenders, some thrift might make you more attractive. So, what kind of spender are you? Here is a spending quiz designed by MSN Money. They want to get you to think about how you spend money and, perhaps, to bring you closer to the ideal.
  8. Spare Change Challenge: Unlike the Savvy Spending Quiz, this test from Quicken challenges the way you live as well as the way you consciously spend your money.
  9. Test Cafe: How’s your anxiety level? Is your anger out of control? Learn more about your intelligence, your personality, your emotions and more with this site’s quizzes and tests.
  10. Your Amazing Brain: These folks are focused on your brain, but they also provide ways for you to test your body, to take surveys on sexuality and to check if your senses are on track.

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